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sole UK dealers for over a decade

Corsair Marine International are the premier builders of folding trimarans worldwide and have launched more examples than any other manufacturer. The strong and light construction provides excellent performance, coupled with the easy trail-ability of the robust pantograph folding mechanism offers the optimum combination for highspeed sailing and easy movement from one sailing location to another. With water-to-road times of under 45 minutes for some models, this opens and expands your sailing horizons far beyond the distance you can sail in a single weekend or holiday.

Multihull World Ltd have been selling Corsair trimarans for 30 years and have been the sole UK dealer for over a decade. Each member of our team is experienced with Corsair trimarans, along with many other designs of trimaran and catamaran, and are therefore best placed to help you understand the advantages of the Corsair model and to help you specify the right one to suit your needs.