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Corsair Marine Used Boats

The worlds most popular folding trimarans Used Boats



This Corsair 750 Sprint includes a trailer and is in good condition in Italy. The Corsair Sprint 750 has been a popular addition to Corsair’s line of trailerable trimarans. Based on the well-proven Corsair 24, the new Corsair Sprint 750 takes performance and fun to the next level and then some: it offers all the performance and flexibility of a beach catamaran with none of the annoyances. It won’t go into irons, it will tack and go to weather as well as or better than any monohull (and certainly better than any beach cat), and it gives you an optional cuddy-cabin and full cockpit enclosure for camp-style overnighting, is fully beachable, easier to trailer, rig and launch than any other trimaran, cat or monohull in it’s size range, and affordable.

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